St. Anne’s is an inclusive spiritual home for ALL who seek God.  We serve Christ through liturgy, community and outreach.  We affirm and respect the dignity of all people regardless of race, language, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, political belief or economic status. 
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                  Our Mission                               
The mission of Saint Anne's is to restore all people to unity with God, creation, and each other in Christ.

Back in the Building

First and Third Sundays, October 4, and 11,

9 & 11 am

  • Please check your temperature before arriving and after

  • Wear a mask, wash hands, use sanitizer on arrival

  • Sign a release at the front door

  • Maintain 6 ft. social distance at all times

  • We can only host 25 people per service

REPOST:  Just a sermon for Sunday, October 25th.

(Technical difficulties prevailed).

Fight fire with love.
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Why Bother?

Virtual worship and Zoom can hardly compare with being together.  Why bother with distance-gathering?  Some thoughts, and maybe some encouragement, from Mo.K+

Music in Worship
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Saint Anne's Episcopal Church

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