Clergy Transition - Vicar Search

The purpose of the profile committee is to gather all the information past and present that tells about who we are as St. Anne's congregation and who we want to be. They will be presenting the information in a complete document to be shared with prospective vicars.

Recently the committee developed a survey and distributed it to all members to get input about congregants' thoughts and feelings about various aspects of St. Anne's. The processed and compiling the data and shared it on Sunday, March 20th after the service.

During the Bishop Committee retreat, during with weekend of March 25th, the results of the survey were discussed and recognized that St. Anne's wants a full time Vicar. We need your support to make that happen. Please complete the form below to help us get there.

Following your input the Profile committee will begin preparing the profile document to tell St. Anne's story. When completed it will be presented to the bishop. After approval from the bishop, our Bishop's Committee will give input and eventually the profile will be published, available for prospective vicars to present an application.

Thank you for Supporting St. Anne's goal of a Full Time VICAR

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