Home Share Survey


Faith Partners for Housing is developing a proposal with the goal of setting up a home
sharing program in Clark Co.  One thing needed at this early stage is an estimate of how
many home providers and home seekers in the faith community would consider
 participating in a home sharing program.  Help FP4H by completing this survey.
                                                        (circle yes or no)
*Are you a home owner having trouble meeting all the expenses of your
mortgage, utilities, taxes, etc. and also have space available that could be
rented to help offset those costs?  Yes/No
*Could you use a home companion of your choosing for help around the house?
*Would you consider sharing your home with a companion of your choosing
who has been background checked and vetted?  Yes/No
*Are you a renter looking for affordable housing?  Would you be interested in
 sharing a home with a person who is compatible with you and has been
 background checked and vetted and can offer rent at $400-600 per month?
*I worship at __________________________________________________________
If you are interested in a home share program, please complete this survey,
clip it and mail it to: 
St. Andrew Lutheran Church
5607 NE Gher Rd, Vancouver, Washington 98662, United States
Attention:  Denny Scott, FP4H