St. Anne's to be Closed
for Two Sundays until 3/22/2020

All congregations in the Diocese of Olympia have been directed by the Bishop to close their doors, suspending worship and all other face to face gatherings and meetings immediately and through March 22.  The purpose of this closure is to join in the larger effort to slow the spread of the virus to allow our health care system to manage successfully and save lives.

Connecting, worship, and gathering can still take place electronically.  We will be working on making that possible.  You should be hearing from our pastoral care team members as well as your Bishop's Committee this week. 

Don't be a stranger!  Reach out to folks you would normally see by phone.  Take care of yourselves and one another.  Call me if you have questions, concerns, or pastoral needs.  I will be available for home visits and communions if desired.