Music Ministry



A small instrumental wind ensemble complements our digital\analog organ music of Sunday morning worship services as well as providing special instrumental music at various services during the year.  Interested musicians are encouraged to audition. 



The choir is open to all who have a love of singing and who are dedicated to making music at St. Anne’s an integral part of the worship service.


Music in Worship

The Episcopal Church has a long history of musical worship directly related to our liturgical tradition.  Much of this music is founded in the "English Cathedral Tradition" which has given us a rich and massive selection of music from which churches continue to draw. 


However, with this tradition comes certain parameters that define it, among them: 

1) It is primarily composed by Europeans in the Western classical tradition; 

2) It spans a period from 1500 to the present, with a heavy emphasis on the 19th


3)  It is frequently complex and challenging to perform;

4)  It falls heavily on the performance of "specialists" (the organist and choir) to bring it to  the congregation. 


Since worship and theology have changed greatly in the last 100 years, so too must our selection and use of music.   In our multicultural church and world, it has become increasingly evident that we must strive to reach a great diversity of people and backgrounds in ways that help connect them to a meaningful, inclusive faith experience.  For the past year at St. Anne's, we have focused on musical resources that are supplements to our 1982 Hymnal and that reach out to all people (including children and those of other cultures), and not just the highly trained musician.  To that end we have incorporated into our worship, hymns that have simpler melodies that still support our liturgy and scriptural themes, with texts that reflect a more contemporary theology relevant to the multifaceted world in which we live.  In this way we strive to bring a musical

worship that is accessible to all.

Musical Notes