Helping after a house fire...

A Hathaway family had a house fire last week. The fire was caused by an electrical issue in a bathroom fan. They will be displaced for 4-6 months and have lost almost everything due to water or smoke damage. They have 3 girls at Hathaway and one who is not in school yet.

The family has requested gift cards to local restaurants in lieu of meals. Gift cards to places like Target or Amazon would be helpful to replace household items.

The girls lost all of their books, toys, bedding, and clothing. They would love donations of games, books or art kits. Immediate need for clothing has been taken care of by family and friends. Here's a bit about each child:

(3rd-grade girl)

She likes short chapter books, 4th-grade level

Clothes size 8-10 (likes dresses and leggings)

Shoe size 3

(2nd-grade girl)

She likes picture chapter books and comic style chapter books

Owl Diaries

Clothes size 8 (likes dresses and leggings)

She size 2-3

(kindergarten girl)

Loves all books

Clothes size 6

Shoe size 13


Loves books

Clothes size 5

Shoe size 10.5

Items can be brought to St. Anne’s and we will take them over to Hathaway to be given to the family.

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