In the Beginning: Reconciling Science and Faith, a three week course with Steven Clark. Final week:

All views are welcome! No minds need to change! This will be a journey among interested friends.

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 2350 Main St. Washougal, WA 98607

Fellowship hall: June 1st (6-7:30pm), June 8th (6-7pm), and June 15th (6-7:30pm).

In the Beginning, a curriculum published by the Episcopal Church, investigates the possible collision of Bible stories about creation (of life) and origins (of the universe) and what science tells us about creation and origins. The curriculum is taken in part from the Episcopal Committee on Science, Technology and Faith.

Steven Clark teaches biology at Clark College and brings a deep understanding of the science behind evolution (how does it work, is it working on humans, how does evolution result in a new species) as well as familiarity with the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe. The three week course will delve into science and Biblical creation. Then we will veer into how the scientific and the Biblical can co-exist for a rich harmony. The class will be both presentation and discussion.

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