June 12: Service Project and Barbecue

Impact Our Community & Be the Difference! While summer is a wonderful time to be a kid, if you go hungry because you don't have your breakfast and your lunch provided at school, then it is very hard to think of summer as a fun and enjoyable time! You are invited to join us as we impact the families with the greatest need in our community by shopping for some basic staples to be delivered directly to people in need right here in our community. On June 12th, all the participating churches will meet at the Port of Camas / Washougal at Noon for a community BBQ. At Marina Park we will gather the food donations and pack boxes to be distributed to families in need through our Camas and Washougal schools. Join this effort, as the churches come together to be the difference in our community and Impact Camas—Washougal!

St. Anne's will gather for our regular worship at 10 on that Sunday, but will be sent out from the service early to collect food items to be brought to the Port of Camas/Washougal. For more information about the event you can go to www.impactcw.org.

Shopping List for one Summer Food Box (if you want to shop ahead!)

Canned Veggies

____ Corn

____ Peas

____ Green Beans

____ Potatoes

Boxed / Canned Meals

____ Peanut Butter

____ Jelly

____ Mac & Cheese

____ Tuna

____ Jell-O (snack pack)

____ Pudding (snack pack)

____ Baked Beans

____ Chili

____ Oat Meal

____ Soup

____ Beef Stew

____ Ravioli

____ Spaghetti O’s

____ Rice (box or bag)

____ Hamburger Helper

____ Scalloped Potatoes

____ Mashed Potatoes

____ Spaghetti

____ Spaghetti Sauce


____ Bread

____ Juice

____ Cereal

____ Fresh Fruit

____ Snacks (Chips, Crackers, Cookies, etc)

Canned Fruit

____ Peaches

____ Pears

____ Fruit cocktail

____ Applesauce

Other Essential Items

____ Deodorant for Men/Women

____ Shampoo

____ Bar Soap

____ Tooth Paste

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